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The Naughty List

As a young boy, Alex was the only child at the orphanage who refused to abandon his belief in the magic of Christmas. Now, he is Santa’s last hope to save Christmas. Whisked away to help with last-minute preparations, Alex learns the magical secrets of the North Pole, and discovers the darkness in Santa’s past. Can Alex help Santa to defeat the evil creature with vengeance in mind, and a determination to put every child in the world on the Naughty List?


The Naughty List is a creepy tale of magic and adventure for all ages from the author of The Children of Hare Hill and Krampus: A Christmas Tale.

Krampus: A Christmas Tale

Santa Claus is the jolly man we know so well, 
He brings presents and spreads Christmas cheer, 
But did you know he has a friend called Krampus? 
Who all little children should fear.

Krampus is a Christmas rhyme for children written by Scott McKenzie with wonderful full colour art by Phil Ives.

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