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My name is Scott McKenzie.  I live in Cheshire, UK with my wife and children.  I write stories.

I read a lot, and one day I decided to see if I could write my own novel.  About eighteen months later I self-published my first book, an action horror novel called Rebirth.  This was closely followed by the sequel The Rising.

One day I will return to the characters of Rebirth and The Rising, but my recent writing has been the Gitmo Nation series, inspired by the topics discussed on the No Agenda show. The premise of the Gitmo Nation universe is: what if all the conspiracy theories were true?  What if the government took surveillance too far?  What if vaccines were used for nefarious purposes?  What if there was a secret global government that controlled everything?

One Day in Gitmo Nation is the first novel in the series and it was followed by A Gitmo Nation Christmas Carol, which is my take on the Charles Dickens classic, one of my favourite novels.

Working with a very talented artist called Phil Ives I have also created a children's picture book called Krampus: A Christmas Taleto scare my children into obedience when it gets close to Christmas.

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